She's the self-proclaimed ruler of Omega and one tough Asari. Here to kick blue butt and take names is Aria T'Loak, from Mass Effect 2.

Aria is voiced by Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity from The Matrix Trilogy), and is one of the toughest characters you can find in Mass Effect that's not an ancient mechanized horror or a Krogan. She runs everything on Omega, the seedy capital of the Terminus Systems that's brimming with criminal activity. Aria's cool, exudes power and intensity, knows all kinds of intel, and has one of the most badass catchphrases ever: "Nobody [expletive deleted]s with Aria." This blue meanie is our pick for the Cosplay of the Day for all of these reasons and more.

Here is Love Squad, a Russian cosplayer, as the Queen of Omega. The latex used for the head-tendrils look very realistic and help bring the character to life. The costume is pretty spot-on, and is perhaps the most accurate portrayal of an Asari we've seen so far. Even if the Photoshopped backgrounds weren't used, we'd still be ridiculously impressed with this cosplay.

Look for more of Love Squad's amazingly artistic and accurate pieces here on deviantART. If you thought the Aria outfit was amazing, just wait until you see the rest!