Super Hexagon, a game so mind-numbingly difficult you'll test your iPhone's durability after throwing it across the room multiple times, was approved by Apple and made waves when it hit the App Store. Developer Terry Cavanagh's new game seems to have hit an approval snag though.

Apple recently rejected Cavanagh's latest game, Don't Look Back, for a joke he put in the description regarding in-app purchasing, a feature in most games that earns big bucks for Apple. He wrote, "there are no in-app purchases or any of that nonsense."

Cavanagh tweeted about the rejection today, stating, "Haha, wow.... Don't Look Back just got rejected from the app store... You're never going to believe why:"

If you're a developer, whatever you do, don't call in-app purchasing, "nonsense", or you're going to find your game sitting on the reject pile next to the games that had, "asinine," "moronic," and "money-sucking vampire tactics" in their descriptions.

For what it's worth, the text remains in Android's Marketplace. Cavanaugh resubmitted the description with the offending text removed, and the game was promptly accepted by Apple, restoring balance to the App Store universe.