Quite a busy news day for developer Terry Cavanagh. First his game Don’t Look Back was rejected for an in-app purchasing joke, then accepted hours later. Now news has hit of another game he's been working on developing for iOS devices called VVVVVV.

VVVVVV originally came out for the PC in 2010 and became a hit for its retro look and gameplay, where players controlled Viridian through crazy platforming stages where he could flip onto the ceiling and back down again to avoid obstacles. The game was also released on the 3DS in December of 2011.

On Cavanaugh's website, he has his games listed that are available to download. He also has an image of the protagonist from VVVVVV next to the words "Coming Soon". So it looks like Cavanaugh will be bringing his indie PC hit to iOS devices. No word yet on a street date, but we'll keep you posted on when we can expect it.