There is an old maxim that says, “If you can’t move, you can’t fight.” Thankfully, mobile devices allow you to fight while you’re on the move. With a couple of taps on your iPhone, you can boot up some of the best fighting games around on any system. Some of them go for traditional looking on-screen controls, while other take a more innovative approach. All I know is, they’re cathartic when you’re standing in line at the bank and you can pretend you’re giving the slow moving teller a beat-down. Let's take a look at the 10 best fighting games currently available in the App Store.

  • 10

    Fightocracy 2012

    Brooklands New Media

    This game makes it onto the list on premise alone. You choose between Barak Obama or Mitt Romney and pummel your way through nine past Presidents. The controls and mechanics are simple, but you really don’t care when you’re beating up historical American figures.

  • 9

    Beast Boxing 3D

    Goodhustle Studios, Inc.

    Boxing in the first person is a difficult game mechanic to master, but when you pair some solid controls with outlandish artwork and a host of beastly opponents to K.O., you’ll have yourself a fighting game worth remembering. Beast Boxing 3D lets you beat the snot out of challenging chickens, scheming skeletons, and the occasional troll. Combining concept and controls landed this game on our list of the 10 Best Fighting Games.

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    Dragon Returns: Martial Arts Championship

    Panorama Concepts

    It is incredible that a decent fighting game starring Bruce Lee was never released until now. With gorgeous looking graphics and the channeled ethos of the late Kung Fu legend, Dragon Returns: Martial Arts Championship easily straight kick’s its way onto the list. The tight controls and spectacular locations on Honk Kong streets and rooftops makes this game a serious knockout.

  • 7

    Karate Champ

    If you’re yearning for a dose of nostalgia, then it may be time for you to download Karate Champ. This arcade classic has been ported over to the iOS and with its simple gameplay and retro charm, it is easily some of the most fun you’ll have tapping a screen. The retro chic of the game extends all the way down to the virtual controls which look exactly like an arcade cabinet joystick and buttons. Sweep the leg, Johnny!

  • 6

    King of Fighters-i 2012

    Coming in as one of the most robust fighting experiences on iOS, King of Fighters-i 2012 doesn’t disappoint hardcore fans of the series or the genre. The virtual controls are a bit cluttered, but everything you need to unleash devastatingly complex combos and breaks are there. Earning its spot on our best fighting games list, it stays true to the console series with decent graphics and outlandish moves from each of its many characters.

  • 5

    Batman: Arkham City Lockdown

    Warner Bros.

    Departing from the familiar and utilizing the latest in technology is something that Batman always has done. Thankfully, the creators of Arkham City Lockdown took this same maxim to heart when developing their game. Shunning virtual buttons for a more organic way of input, the controls behind Batman’s bone crushing moves are smoother than ever. It’s just so easy to break every bone in those clown-faced henchmen’s bodies, you forget that you're actually the good guy.

  • 4

    Fight Night Champion

    EA Sports

    If you’re looking for a visceral fight, then you should look no further than Fight Night Champion. There is no other game on the iOS that offers such spectacular graphics and the feeling of actually getting punched in the face. The lights glisten off the sweat on each boxer's brow but hopefully your sweaty fingers won't miss a swipe on your screen. Seriously, one wrong move and you're knocked out. Now where's the iPad version?

  • 3

    Street Fighter IV


    Finally, this hallowed franchise makes its debut on the iOS. Street Fighter IV was one of those games that every fighter junkie was waiting for. With the retro styled on-screen controls and the familiar feel of every fighter, this game is a welcome addition to your folder of fighting apps. We chose Street Fighter IV over Volt because Volt has been having some issues with stability and bugs. You lose, Volt!

  • 2

    Soul Calibur

    NamcoBandai Games Inc.

    Fighting with your fists is fine, but when you really want to settle a dispute, you do it with swords. Soul Calibur has always been the best over-the-top fighter with some absurd characters, story and weapons. Thankfully, the solid fighting system of blocks, parries and stances has made its way onto iOS to provide a robust fighting experience to anyone who dares to strike down their opponent with Soul Edge. Just don't play as Voldo, please? We don't know why, but he makes us feel uncomfortable.

  • 1

    Infinity Blade II

    Chair Entertainment Group, LLC

    Here in the rarified air of the perfect iOS fighting game stands Infinity Blade II. It is the combination of concept, execution, and style that keeps this game up above the rest. The infinite nature of it allows for endless play and the ability to try and max out your abundance of stats. The swipe-to-slash mechanic is perfectly suited to swordplay, and the magic and block combinations augment the experience really well. Infinity Blade II is as sharply honed a game as any one of its digital swords, which is why it's #1 in our 10 Best Fighting Games list.