According to a report from The Next Web, Apple might already be testing its next smartphone. There are some developers who claim to have uncovered references to new hardware and software in usage logs from IP addresses originating at Apple's Cupertino campus. Does this mean that an iPhone 6 is around the corner?

It wasn't that long ago that Apple released iPhone 5. But in tech world, a few months ago might as well be last decade. While the details are scarce and the references are thin at best, it's safe to assume that Apple is already at work testing their new line of iPhone products.

Based on how the company has operated with its other product lines, it seems safe to assume that the iPhone is primed for a refreshing. We think that rather than waiting for the next technological leap to update the iPhone line, Apple will likely take a page out of the iPod playbook and offer an array of different sizes and colors -- something that Apple fans have long been waiting for.

As of now, we're still in the dark as to what exactly will be new. And as to when we might see some official details, that's anyone's guess. It's possible that we could have a new iPhone by the time Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) rolls around in June. But you never know. Worth noting -- even though the iPhone 5 came out just this past fall and has only been available for around 100 days, it's already been moved out of the "just updated" category over at