Back in August, we were excited to report about the teaser trailer and first screens of Anomaly Korea. Based on what we saw, it looked like the developers would have another hit on their hands and a worthy follow-up to the great Anomaly Warzone Earth. And if this new interview over at TUAW is any indication, that just might be the case.

According to the interview, the eagerly-awaited title from 11 Bit Studios will try and one-up the first game in every possible way. 11 Bit's Senior Writer Paweł Miechowski, who spoke with Mike Schramm for the article, said that they, "treated the first mobile version as a kind of a side project."

If the end product was what they ended up creating all as a side project, then big things are sure to be in store for Anomaly Korea. In particular, there will be a focus on pushing the graphics as far as they can go on current iOS devices. There will also be a focus on adding in lots and lots of new content, such as new vehicles, power-ups, and towers.

11 Bit says that they would like to have Anomaly Korea out before the end of the month. Just in time for the holidays! Fancy that. For more info, definitely head over to TUAW and check out the full piece.

If you missed it the first time, we have a bunch of screenshots and a teaser trailer for you to enjoy.

So enjoy!