11 Bit Studios has released the latest update for This War of Mine, which focuses on the innocent people caught up in battle, as well as some surprising statistics.

This War of Mine is an alarming and realistic game that deals with the atrocities of war when innocent people get caught into the mix and just try to survive. Developer 11 Bit Studios has released some surprising information about the game in the infographic sheet (provided below).

Due to its initial success, 11 Bit Games was able to cover the costs of the game's development after This War of Mine's first two days of sales on the digital market. Over 96 percent of all of the game's reviews have been positive. What's most surprising is that only 11 percent of all of This War of Mine's players were able to see the game through to its conclusion.

The 1.1 Update for This War of Mine will feature new songs coming to Radio Bysena, new character setups, bug fixes, new animations, enhanced locations and more.

For those interested, This War of Mine costs $19.99 on Steam. Right now, you can download it for 10 percent off its normal price.

this war of mine
11 Bit Studios

11 Bit Studios has also released a video for its Patch 1.1 update:

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