For soldiers, war is about victory. For them, it was about living.

11-Bit Studios is going to show us a side of war we don't normally get to see in This War of Mine, and this trailer is a perfect example of the tone they're trying to set. War is a terrible thing on all sides, and for the first time we're going to see a world war through the eyes of the innocent bystanders, the poor souls who get caught in the crossfire. We see former friends become enemies, others become increasingly hostile towards outsiders, and even a man going after his neighbor with an axe.

This War of Mine has a post-apocalyptic feel to it despite only being in the middle of a waging war, and perhaps that's what makes the game seem so powerful. As the quote at the beginning of the trailer said, soldiers are only focused on winning the war while the innocent civilians are only worried about surviving it. For all of the testosterone-laden shoot-em-ups we play on a regular basis, this could spark a much-needed change in perspective in terms of how we view our action games.

This War of Mine will be waged Nov.14 on PC via Steam.

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