11 bit studios is partnering up with War Child, an international charity, to fundraise and promote assistance for children affected by the brutalities of war.

This War of Mine is not your typical war game. It's played from the perspective of civilians and focuses on the innocent people caught up in war. War of Mine is about loss and individual survival in the face of extreme situations and volatile environments. The game's developer, 11 bit studios, believes children should not be affected by war. Since both companies share this vision, 11 bit studios has teamed up with War Child to raise funds and awareness to help rescue children affected by conflict.

“This War of Mine is not just a game. It allows people to act their part in a war drama based on day-to-day reality of civilians suffering during armed conflicts, including children. We want to draw attention to the uncomfortable, but important topics that are too often absent from the public discourse," said Grzegorz Miechowski, CEO of 11 bit studios. "Thanks to the cooperation with War Child, we will be able to reach even more people giving them something to think about, and raise money for the good cause.”

While no launch window is set, 11 bit studios will release This War of Mine on PC for $19.99.

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