The recently released war survival game by 11 Bit Studios, This War of Mine, is back with another update and a brand new shelter.

11 Bit Studios has been listening to its fans and as a result, has a new update for its game, This War of Mine. The first update This War of Mine had focused primarily on a broad range of improvements to the game and now this one is focusing a little more specifically on adding new elements to the game. There will be a new shelter that players will have the option of starting out their story in.

Players were looking for more playability in the game, so 11 Bit also added in two new playable characters, too. Although you will have to play the game at least once to unlock the new characters, they will be there for you nonetheless. The update will also come with some behind the scenes work such as: locations enhancements, improved animations, better NPC behaviors, improved stability, bug fixes and much more.

You can check out these new additions to the game now on PC, Mac or Linux and in the future on your mobile device.

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