11 bit Studios is teaming up with graffiti street artists and together they're stepping up and donating all the proceeds from its newest This War of Mine DLC pack to the War Child charity.

The gaming community has been steeped in admirable, charitable acts lately and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon, which is a wonderful thing. Next up at bat is This War of Mine and its newest piece of downloadable content that will feature the work of various graffiti street artists. All proceeds from the DLC will be going straight to charity, as Karol Zajaczkowski, PR and Marketing Manager for This War of Mine, states in the video above, "neither [the This War of Mine team], nor the artists, will take a dime."

VG247 reports that together, 11 bit Studios and these street artists have created three different tiers of DLC you can buy. While each DLC pack will contain the same content, the difference will be in the price. There will be one pack available for $0.99, one for $9.99 and another for $19.99. Basically, it all depends on how much you want to donate.

You will be able to collect the artists' works throughout the DLC. There will be ten different artworks that you can unlock as you play through the War Child Charity DLC. If you're not familiar with this non-profit organization, the War Child charity is a joint initiative made three different War Child charities that work together in their common vision of supporting the children and young people affected by war. The charities together help hundreds of thousands of children worldwide where they need it the most.

Fans can download whichever tier of the War Child Charity DLC for This War of Mine they desire now for PC. Do yourself a favor and help a great cause — you'll even get excellent game content for contributing.

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