The proceeds from the 'War Child Charity' DLC of This War of Mine have improved the lives of 350 children in war-torn areas.

This War of Mine came out with a 'War Child Charity DLC' and all the proceeds from it went to the War Child Foundation. War Child works, "in places across Iraq and Jordan to protect and support Syrian refugee children." But really, we know players want to know just what the money went towards and 11 Bit Studios is excited to announce that the DLC's proceeds have changed the lives of 350 children. The DLC's proceeds will go towards providing child-friendly spaces, psychological support and non-formal education for children in areas ravaged by war.

In terms of who bought what, 41.1 percent of players bought the $0.99 DLC tier, 28 percent purchased the $9.99 DLC tier and 30.9 percent bought the $19.99 DLC tier (kudos to you). The most donations came from players that live in the United States, Germany, the U.K. and Russia. The most-discovered artwork featured in the DLC ended up being 'Wreath of Flowers' by Gabriel Specter. On the other hand, only 50 players (out of 500,000) got the 'Note: Street Art' achievement. You can check out infographic below to see all of the stats of this awesome fundraiser.

11 bit Studios has said that this won't be the end of its charity events. We will just have to wait and see what other charity packs come out in the future and what good causes will they will support.

11 bit Studios

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