These leaked photos of an alleged Android TV controller remind us of some other peripherals we are very accustomed to using.

According to CVG, Google I/O conference attendee Artem Russakovskii has released a photo of the Android TV controller. Google unveiled the Android TV platform at its I/O conference last week. Similar to Apple TV, PlayStation TV and Amazon's Fire TV, the Android TV will be Google's main way of offering streaming entertainment, including Android games, to your big screen. Russakovskii claims that the pictured controller will ship alongside each Android TV set-top box. A live demonstration of Android TV depicted one person playing a game on their television screen while another joined in from their tablet device.

It is rather surprising that Android has taken this long to get out its own game-playing box. Apple TVs have been around since 2007 with Android gaming not being available until the Ouya was released less than a year ago, followed closely by the GameStick and Mojo. Google also announced the launch of another Android-running set-top box at the I/O conference, this one being made by the PC gaming accessory and hardware designer, Razer. Razer's console is believed to be voice-activated and will be more oriented towards gaming than the Android TV box will.

As you can tell, the Android TV controller shares an extremely similar layout with both the Xbox One controller along with the Sony's DualShock 3 design. It's colored button layout is taken directly from the Xbox One's controller, but its symmetrical design and centered location of both analog sticks draw inspiration from the DualShock 3. The rather large shoulder buttons are likely inspired from the Wii U's GamePad or perhaps the bumper buttons of the Xbox One peripheral. The combined matte and shiny plastic finish also remind us of the Xbox One.

Google has also announced that there are televisions being made with built-in Android TV support due to arrive in stores later next year from a variety of famous electronics companies. While no official price has been announced, we have a feeling that the Android TV will cost somewhere between $99.99-$149.99, mainly because most other set-top boxes are around $100, but the inclusion of the controller might make it a little more expensive.

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