The Ouya's been available for quite some time, but now the crowd-funded Android console finally has an exclusive worth getting excited about. Airtight's Soul Fjord is just weeks away from release.

Due out on Jan. 28, the rogue-like from the mind of Portal's Kim Swift (current creative director at Airtight) is a free-to-play title jam-packed with '70s style. Soul Fjord combines Norse mythology with funk and soul prevalent in blaxploitation films like 'Black Belt Jones' and 'Shaft.' Players will guide protagonist Magnus Jones as he attempts to save the world from Ragnarok.

Along with the release date announcement, Airtight released a new development diary focused on the music in Soul Fjord. The soundtrack composed by Austin Wintory (Journey), combines funk with "Viking" to craft the score. As you learn, "Viking" has no real musical definition, but Wintory managed to combine some appropriate fold with the funk to deliver a sound that would evoke the right mood. You can hear some of the music in the footage. We're already looking forward to grabbing that soundtrack if it's ever made available.

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