Agarest: Generations of War is looking to make its PC debut thanks to Ghostlight and Steam Greenlight.

The tactical Japanese role-playing game has already debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, except with the name Record of Agarest War, and was pretty infamous for the slighty NSFW mousepad included in its Really Naughty Limited Edition. We'll leave it to you to do the Googling on that one.

But the PC version of the game is said to include support for both gamepad and mouse-and-keyboard, Steam Achievements, and whole list of other yet unnamed features. Fans can vote on the game's Steam Greenlight page here.

If it's greenlit, PC players will have the chance to play through a story that spans five generations, gives them the choice between picking light and dark paths, create bonds between characters, and decide the fate of the world of Agarest.

And besides, Steam could probably use a few more JRPGs, right? Watch the trailer below and let us know if you'd support a Steam release for Agarest: Generations of War!