Hungry Moose Games, a company created by former BioWare developers, has partnered up with Green Throttle Games on the upcoming puzzle-based action adventure title 9 Lives: Casey & Sphynx.

The storyline follows the adventures of a security guard named Casey and Sphynx, a stray cat with tons of moxie. Set in a museum that features an ancient Egyptian tomb of Bastet, the game enables players to play in solo mode or with a friend on the same screen. To complete the game, players must collect various pieces of the idol of Bastet which clumsy Casey accidentally smashed. Only then can the age old curse be erased!

"Hungry Moose Games is a new studio based in Edmonton, Canada put together by ex BioWare veterans and the young guns of games," said Hungry Moose Games co-founder Ric Williams. "We are excited to develop our first title with Green Throttle. The challenge of making a game using the latest in hardware technologies that connect your Android device to a TV fits 9 Lives like a glove and we think gamers will love our misfit characters and device specific game play."

Hungry Moose is a solid moniker for a development team. Let's just hope this Android game lives up to its name.