This set of Wii U eShop-only sports games is coming to retail stores with a few new moves.

Nintendo has announced that Wii Sports Club will take all of the Wii Sports titles on the Nintendo eShop and bundle them together along with two new sports in a physical, retail bundle.

Wii Sports Club takes the fundamentals of the 8-year-old Nintendo original, Wii Sports, and throws in some online multiplayer and connectivity with the Wii U GamePad. The eStore versions of golf, bowling and tennis are bundled together along with the new games, like boxing and baseball in this new sports set. We must admit, putting the GamePad on the floor and using a Wiimote to swing at a golf ball reminds us that there is some very unique technology possible on the Wii U that we wish the Big N would utilize more often.

Wii Sports Club will arrive on store shelves on July 25 exclusively for Wii U for the price of $39.99.