Gamers can do some pretty scummy things. It seems like you can’t go online without having your sexuality questioned or being pelted with racial slurs that are only a few steps short of a hate-crime. But faking a disability? Man, that’s low.

Angel "zilianOP" Hamilton is a well-known streamer on Twitch.TV who was supposedly paralyzed from the waist down. He has earned quite a bit of money through donations on his stream, nearly $20,000.

However, in a recent Stream recording, Hamilton can be seen standing up from his wheelchair with no problem! As a result, he and his girlfriend’s Twitch.TV account have been banned.

“His actions are a huge slap in the face to Twitch community members with real disabilities such as Aieron, and groups such as AbleGamers, who have helped spread a message of inclusiveness and positivity to not only the Twitch community, but gaming as a whole,” said a Twitch.TV representative to Kotaku.

People like this give gamers everywhere a bad name. His response can be found on Eurogamer, where he claims he fell as soon as he walked away. Whatever, dude.