Dark Horse Comics has been crafting some fine collectibles for years, but has only recently dipped its toe into the vast video game waters. After seeing these Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess statues in person, all we can say is, "It's about damn time."

Already well versed in the histories of Hyrule, Dark Horse has turned its attention from in-depth print celebrations of the classic Nintendo franchise to the statues you see before you. Originally announced back at San Diego Comic Con last year, Ganondorf and Link were finally shown off to the attendees at New York Toy Fair this week. Based on the designs from Twilight Princess, one of the darker Zelda tales in the series, both Link and Ganon are highly detailed, even if their respective poses aren't doing much to impress.

While Ganon's stoic and serious stance actually fits well for the character, we really wish Dark Horse had done more with Link. Sure, he's detailed and has the Master Sword and his trademark shield, but there's nothing special about such an iconic character just standing still. First4Figures did a great job bringing Link to life in various statues over the years, and it's a shame the same couldn't be done for the hero of Hyrule here. If you're wondering why we brought up First4, that's because the Ganondorf statue is virtually identical to the one that studio released a few years back, albeit for ~$400. Dark Horse's statues will be much cheaper when they arrive this July. Link will run you $79.99, while Ganondorf is set to retail for $129.99.