The studio that helped put the Xbox One on the map might be working on a third-person action game as its next title after Titanfall.

According to CVG, Respawn Entertainment's next major title could perhaps zoom out of the studio's history of revolutionary, first-person shooter combat and into a third-person perspective. Studio founders Jason West and Vince Zampella helped make the Call of Duty series the juggernaut it is today with the work they did on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. After both men were let go in 2010, they went on to create Respawn Entertainment and hired 38 of the 46 Infinity Ward employees who left the studio after their own terminations.

With Titanfall, we see the innovation that the COD series has been somewhat lacking after Modern Warfare 2 and the departure of West and Zampella's teams. Now, Respawn might be working on focusing its creative insight on the third-person action genre. Respawn's career website is offering positions for a senior character artist and senior animator. Both jobs require experience "working on third-person action/exploration games."

Zampella has also hired God of War 3 director Stig Asmussen to work at Respawn as a game director at the studio. Asmussen has previously confirmed with CVG that he's not working on Titanfall. On Respawn Entertainment's staff listing, there are eight other employees who previously worked for Sony on the God of War series, including game designers.

Given Zampella, West and Asmussen's histories with amazing games, along with these eight new hires, we have a feeling whatever project Respawn has next in the works will be quite the eye-catcher.