This BioShock-themed Marriage Proposal is Amazing


Rapture reverted back to its literal definition when Justin Starnes asked his longtime girlfriend, Stevie Kopas, to marry him in a special, BioShock-themed way.

Thanks to Kotaku, we have learned about one of the best ways a gamer could ever propose to a person, via video games. Justin Starnes met Stevie Kopas when she was buying an unnecessary second copy of the original BioShock from the store Starnes was working at, so it was only right he gave her another copy that was far more valuable than any Collector's Edition. As you can tell by these pictures, one day, Starnes handed his girlfriend a special game called BioShock: New Beginnings.

Upon closer inspection, Kopas could tell that this was no regular version of BioShock. On the back of the game's case were photos of the couple together. Inside the case, she found a simple message that all BioShock fans should recognize, along with something much more valuable than any game disc.

Given its phrasing, we're glad to hear Kopas said yes. We'd like to wish the two of them the best of luck in their new lives as they both reach for Columbia together

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