It looks like we won't be getting to play as Galahad and the rest of the Victorian Knights of the Round in The Order: 1886 anytime soon.

Ready at Dawn Studios creative director and CEO, Ru Weerasuriya, has explained on the PlayStation Blog that The Order: 1886 is being delayed and is now due for release in early 2015. The Order: 1886 tells the story of an alternate reality of Victorian London where rebels have constantly sought to overthrow the crown. In response to these rebellions, the Knights of the Round were formed by the king centuries prior. As the times changed from steel swords to thermite-based weaponry, the Knights of the Round eventually became known as The Order.

Based on some of the gameplay footage we have seen, members of The Order rely on a chemical called the Blackwater in order to heal from life-threatening wounds in the middle of battle. This substance also extends the lifespan of its user tremendously along with granting the person a heightened sense of awareness, strength, accuracy and agility. The Order: 1886 will be coming out in early 2015 as an exclusive for PlayStation 4.