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Sergey Lalov/Riot Games

Today we've got a cute, minimalist take on a League of Legends character, just to remind us to enjoy the simple things in life. Let's jump in and take a look at Teemo, the Swift Scout.

Teemo is a yordle, which is a furry little humanoid, and is one of Bandle City's greatest protectors. While he seems very friendly and kind, his personality flips around in combat and he becomes a great warrior who can kill without remorse. With his blowgun in hand, this pint-sized warrior can bring down the biggest of foes.

Here we have Miava-chan, a cosplayer from Russia in a very adorable, stripped down version of Teemo. She may not have all of the character's proper accouterments, but she represents his appearance well and looks damn good while doing it. Sometimes, less is definitely more.

Check out her more intricate outfits on deviantART and see just what she can do with more complicated characters.

Sergey Lalov
Pro Cosplay
Sergey Lalov
Sergey Lalov

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