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SoulFire Photography/Volition

Have you had your daily dose of purple-infused hotness yet? No? Then let's jump into the Cosplay of the Day and check out Saints Row: The Third's Shaundi.

For those who haven't played Saints Row: The Third, know this: it is absolutely bonkers and full of wacky characters. Now, Shaundi, a Saints vet, could be considered one of the more normal personalities in the crew. Sure, she can be kind of stubborn and act like a total pain sometimes, but you won't find a more loyal crew member.

Here is youronlydoll as the Saints Row: The Third version of Shaundi. She's eschewed the dreadlocks and bandanna from Saints Row 2 in exchange for a sleeker, sexier look. She's got every item of clothing from the outfit represented accurately, making her one formidable cosplayer. We'd love to roll with this homie.

Hop in your favorite human cannon-equipped car and head on over to her deviantART to see even more costumes. You can even check out her Saints Row 2 version of Shaundi.

SoulFire Photography
SoulFire Photography
SoulFire Photography

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