Remember Me 2 Sequel Wish List
Neo-Paris was an incredible place full of life and beautiful cyberpunk vistas. We want to go back, hopefully sooner than later. Remember Me was a high concept sci-fi action game that melded rhythmic combat with memory games and action. It was a phenomenal title that didn't quite live up to its …
Tomb Raider 2 – Sequel Wish List
Getting reacquainted with Lara Croft was one of the highlights of the year. She's back with a brand new will to survive and an origin story more incredible than half of the adventurers out there. But, now it is time to take what the reboot had done and run with it, hard, right past all those te…
Dark Souls II – Sequel Wish List
Like the original Dark Souls, prepare to cuddle up to your pillow and cry desperately at your own inadequacy. Dark Souls II is on its way to break your gaming spirit and trample all your hopes and dreams.