What a wacky Wednesday. Let’s grab a giant platter of sushi news and bite down on the best pieces of gaming news that hit the web on July 10, 2013.

New Lost Planet 3 Trailer

What are you lookin' at, butthead? [READ MORE]

New Insomniac Game Tease

Sony Insomniac Tease

We hate teases. Kidding, we love them. [READ MORE]

GTA 5 Weapons Customization

Grand Theft Auto 5

You can also pimp out your ride. Check it out! [READ MORE]

Xbox Live Game Prices Go Up

Xbox Live Marketplace

That's one way to make new friends! [READ MORE]

New Nintendo Franchise on the Way?

Shigeru Miyamoto

You're hiding secrets behind that smile, Miyamoto! [READ MORE]