Hello, Tuesday! Let’s grab a giant platter of sushi news and bite down on the best pieces of gaming news that hit the web on July 9, 2013.

New Splinter Cell: Blacklist Trailer

This new trailer is a gas! [READ MORE]

Drive Club Free Edition Missing Some Gears

Drive Club

No one wants to drive an automatic when the manual is for sale! [READ MORE]

Borderlands 2 DLC Content Coming

Borderlands 2

Calm down, you bunch of impatient brats. [READ MORE]

Free-To-Play Games From Microsoft

Xbox One

Can't afford any games after buying the system anyway! [READ MORE] psst... we're giving one away...

Grand Theft Auto 5 Trailer

Grand Theft Auto 5

Just release it already so we can stay unproductive for the rest of the year. [READ MORE]