Sorcerer (Dragon's Prophet) - Cosplay of the Day

Illisia Cosplay/Runewaker Entertainment

Today we've got a cosplay from a popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game called Dragon's Prophet. Get ready to be entranced by the sorcerer! 

Sorcerers have the power to teleport, put up life-saving shields and damage a lot of foes at once with their area of effect spells. But did you know that they also have pretty kickass outfits? With shielding spells, who needs to wear armor that covers every inch of one's skin?

Here's Illisia, a cosplayer from Spain, with her take on a Sorcerer outfit from Dragon's Prophet. As you can see, she's gotten each detail of the wonderfully impractical armor recreated, even down to the little garter around the leg. She's definitely cast a spell of attraction on us and its area of effect is very wide.

See more of her excellent work, as well as her current works-in-progress, on her Facebook page and give her a "like."

Illisia Cosplay
Illisia Cosplay
Illisia Cosplay
Illisia Cosplay
Illisia Cosplay
Illisia Cosplay

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