This debut trailer for Skylanders Trap Team shows how you must use Traptanium crystals to capture the most notorious villains in all of Skylands and have them fight for you.

When Kaos destroys the Cloudcracker Prison and unleashes some of Skylands most evil baddies, you must use the new Traptanium crystals to help capture them all in Skylanders Trap Team. The original developer for Skylanders, Toys for Bob, returns for the addition of this all-new mechanic to the toy/gaming hybrid series. Since you can capture all the baddies of Skylands, it only makes sense that you could eventually play as Kaos for the first time ever in Skylanders history.

Skylanders Trap Team comes with the Traptanium Portal, which bring your figures to life. Unlike previous Portals, the Traptanium base can also capture villains with the new crystal Trap accessories. Once you start imprisoning some villains, you can actually hear them call to you from inside their crystals. Trap Team also introduces a new tag team mechanic where you can do 2v2 Skylanders fights.

Skylands adventures can pre-order Skylanders Trap Team starting April 23 with various retailer-specific bonuses being offered depending on where you go. Skylanders Trap Team will continue the fight through the portal on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Nintendo 3DS on Oct. 5 for North America and Oct. 10 in Europe.