The Kosplays keep on coming, folks! Today's featured character is Skarlet, the blood-fueled warrior created by Shao Khan himself.

Before her debut in 2009's Mortal Kombat, she existed only in rumor, thought to have been a glitched alternate look for Kitana. But once she was finally unveiled through downloadable content, Skarlet made herself known as a being created by Shao Khan who gained power by absorbing the blood of her enemies. It's kind of a gross power, but one that imbues her with great strength. And with looks like that, she can be our bloody Valentine any day.

Here's Laura, otherwise known as Nebulaluben, who is part of a cosplay team from Madrid, Spain. Her portrayal is so good that we're having trouble deciding whether she's a real person or actually a rendered model from within the game. She's got the red hair, the whole outfit, the weapons, and even jumped into the ocean to make it look like a pool of blood. If immersing yourself in cold waters while looking like that isn't dedication to the craft, then we don't know what is.

Come take a look at the team's work on their deviantART and show them some love on their Facebook page! Laura's got a whole bunch of impressive costumes based on great sci-fi franchises like Mass Effect and Star Wars that beg your appraisal.