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Bart Kools Capcom

This one needs no introduction, because you're probably well-acquainted with her famous Cannon Drill kicks. But just in case you don't know who she is, say hello to Street Fighter's Cammy White!

You can always recognize Cammy thanks to her long, shapely legs (which are used for kicking the snot out of you), her tiny yellow tie, and the small garrison cap that rests on her head. This fighter is capable of using aerial attacks that are incredibly dizzying for her opponents, even though she's the one who's actually spinning around.

We've got Cricri from Belgium rocking Cammy's classic blue outfit, complete with the curiously-large red gauntlets and blue leg paint. Cricri's attention to detail is so good that she even has the little epaulets on Cammy's shoulders, which deserves tons of kudos from us. To top it off, we've got a nice action shot in which she sits astride a Ryu cosplayer's shoulders, performing the Hooligan Combo.

Come see more of Cricri's work on her deviantART page, which includes some great Lollipop Chainsaw and Portal cosplay!

Bart Kools
Kitty Cri Cri
Kitty Cri Cri
Kitty Cri Cri
Kitty Cri Cri
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