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We've got another one of the lovely ladies from Dead or Alive today, folks! Say hello to the kunoichi with the lilac-colored hair, Ayane!

Her name means "soft or colorful sound" in Japanese, and she definitely knows how to make that purple pop. She's one of the deadliest ninjas in the Dead or Alive series and has even made some appearances in the Ninja Gaiden games. Frankly, we just can't get enough of her high-flying maneuvers and deft skills with a blade.

Ukrainian cosplayer Alexia Muller is rocking it as Ayane, in one of her fancier alternate costumes. Who said that ninjas weren't allowed to be lady-like? She's got every detail nailed, even Ayane's reddish-orange eyes. We honestly wouldn't mind seeing this ninja appear out of nowhere to whisk us away.

Take a look at all of her fantastic cosplay work on her deviantART page. There are a lot of anime-inspired outfits to behold, such as an excellent Stocking from the anime Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. It's a weird title, we know, but the work she did with the character is nothing short of amazing.

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