Today's Cosplay of the Day looks mean, carries a bazooka and enjoys a fresh cup of kickass every morning. Who is he? The RED Soldier from Team Fortress 2, of course.

The RED Soldier takes no crap from anyone but certainly dishes out the pain whenever he can. He's not a particularly quick or tricky individual, but he packs a mean punch with that bazooka of his. If he needs a little boosty-boost, he can rocket jump and clear a whole lot of space in a short period of time. You just better hope that he's not aiming the next shot at you while he's airborne. If all else fails, he's always got his trusty shovel to knock some sense into -- or out of -- his foes.

This is Swoz, a cosplayer from the U.S. as the RED Soldier. As you can tell from his demeanor alone, he takes recreating the Soldier's look very seriously. He's decked out in every piece of the RED Solider's default uniform, making him look as close as one can look to the in-game model. If only he could really perform rocket jumps with that bazooka, then he'd be catapulted into the cosplaying stratosphere.

Check out his deviantART for more great cosplay and some excellent photoshoots with different cosplayers. One look at his BioShock Splicer costume will be enough to send you running for high ground.

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