Telltale Games is teasing a new title with its Key Party website, but new leaked images show a sequel to Poker Night is on the horizon.

The Key Party site is teasing a new game reveal to take place on April 1st. The items in the bowl include keys with a Necronomicon dangling, a serrated knife, and the keys to an iconic DeSoto. While longtime gamers may be familiar with the items present, new images have popped up taking all the guess work out of the equation.

Several images for Poker Night 2 on XBLA were spotted by Polygon on NeoGAF, which showed Brock Samson (Venture Bros.), Ashley Williams (Evil Dead), Claptrap (Borderlands), and Sam (Sam and Max) playing poker together. GLaDOS is also part of the action, though it doesn't look like she is playing a hand since her name doesn't appear in the HUD. Mad Moxxi can be seen tending bar in the background, as well.

A new character is supposed to be revealed every day until April 1st, so there may be even more crazy co-stars waiting in the wings. How Telltale managed to convince so many companies to license characters for Poker Night 2 is beyond us, but we're glad they did. Playing poker with Ash and Brock is something right out of a nerd's dream. Now we just have to wait for the game to actually come out.