Playerthree's free-to-play game Skyman puts you in the jumpsuit of an airshow stuntman. The goal in Skyman is pretty straightforward: go as high and as far as you can to wow the crowds.

You want to try and go for as long as possible, only instead of running side-to-side like in an endless runner, you're getting shot out of a cannon. We suppose you could categorize Skyman as a slingshot-style, "endless-rocketer" type of game.

At the start of a stunt, you want to launch Skyman when the power meter is at full strength and deploy the parachute at the right time, in order to keep him from getting injured.

Wait, Skyman can get injured in this game? That's reason enough to give it a try. Being free doesn't hurt either. We recommend you, uh, launch your App Store app and download this game to see for yourself.