Five Pixar artists have decided to burn the midnight lamp by forming Steel Wool Games. Flyhunter is their first title, with Ripstone serving as the publisher.

"We have an internal phrase that we use to describe our style: 'Grimsical,' says co-founder Andrew Dayton, a 10-year vet of Pixar Animation Studios. "It's our fundamental principle as a company. We create worlds that are funny and whimsical but dipped in gritty tones."

Flyhunter looks whimsical, and since the hero vanquishes flies he's alright in our book. Will the gritty side of the team show itself in how the flies are swatted, or is that just wishful thinking on our part?

Following their dreams while having a solid Pixar gig is proof these artists are far from complacent. One important fact, mentioned in their press release, reads, "Important disclaimer since we love our day jobs: Pixar Animation is in no way affiliated nor endorses Steel Wool Games."

We get the whole idea of grimsical and the hard and soft play of words with Steel Wool Games. It's all catchy and cute for now, but will Flyhunter get stuck in the ointment or just swat away all doubters? We're pulling for Steel Wool Games to succeed, and if a legion of flies must be sacrificed in the process, so be it.