Everyone loves tower defense games, and developers love making them. The only problem is trying to make your tower defense game stand out from all the ones that are crowding the App Store. Blue Dragon and Mistwalker hope to be at the top of the tower defense mountain with their upcoming game, Blade Guardian.

Toucharcade has the news on this brand new game hitting the App Store on October 1st. According to the article, you'll, "build towers and control rolling spherical "maneuvering units" called BLADEs in an effort kill aliens and also eradicate their nests." You'll also have to tilt your device to control the BLADEs.

It's an interesting idea for a tower defense game. One that will hopefully keep your attention. The graphics look good but it always comes down to gameplay. Will Tower Guardian land a spot in our 10 Best Tower Defense Games list? We'll find when the game releases for the iPhone and iPad on October 1st.