According to a new report, Pokemon Rumble U will be getting a second wave of NFC figurines one month after its release in Japan.

As the Japanese release of Pokemon Scramble U (Pokemon Rumble U here in the U.S.) draws near, more information about the Wii U's first NFC title has come to light. Most importantly, a second series of figures will be made available to Japanese players in May. Seven additional Pokemon are slated to be included, with Eevee, Mewtwo, Croagunk, Zoroark, Litwick, and Genesect to be joined by a seventh mystery character.

According to Official Nintendo Magazine UK, the latest issue of CoroCoro revealed the game will allow players to start as either Pikachu, Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott when beginning a new game. New Pokemon can be unlocked with passwords as well as figures, and there will be training cards available to introduce special one-time use Pokemon into the fray.

There will also be a coin currency system in place, which players will use to purchase upgrades for their Pokemon. Coins can also be used to change the names of the Pokemon figures.

For now, Japan is the only country scheduled to get the new Pokemon game and figures, though its predecessor was also released in the U.S. It should only be a matter of time until Nintendo makes plans to bring Pokemon Rumble U stateside.