New Alien: Isolation Screenshots Crawl Out of the Walls

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Creative Assembly

Four new screenshots from Creative Assembly's upcoming Alien: Isolation seem to have leaked, giving us more peeks at Amanda Ripley's adventures.

According to Eurogamer, the images were posted on Twitter by an XBLA watchdog called @lifelower. Many of the environments shown in the screens may look familiar, but nothing is more iconic than the tracking device that points out whether or not the Xenomorphs are coming out of the walls.

There's not too much information available, even with all of the leaks, except that it might be a first-person shooter. Isolation is rumored for a 2014 release on PC and consoles. We'll keep you updated as more content is leaked or more formal announcements about Alien: Isolation is announced.

Creative Assembly
Creative Assembly
Creative Assembly
ScreenCrush Source: New Alien: Isolation Screenshots Crawl Out of the Walls
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