Those familiar with Dragon Age: Origin's sarcastic apostate mage, Morrigan, know that she's not one for smiles and laughter. Today's cosplayer seems to have a different take on the character, but hey, we can dig it.

Today we have Kirana, also known as Julia, who is a fetchingly pretty Ukrainian cosplayer. While Morrigan is very seductive and attractive, her personality is usually dour and harsh. We like to think that Julia's more light-hearted, sunny portrayal of the witch from the wilds is the result of getting 100% approval with her through gifts and affection. She may not wear a scowl and spout off biting remarks while casting spells, but the dreamy look in her eyes is enough to make it so that we don't really care.

She's got a killer look that's more than just a little magical, so take a peek at the rest of her work on her Facebook and deviantART pages. It's also a little funny that she cosplays Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers as well, which we guess means she has a propensity for dressing up as girls with the same name!