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Kris Ezergailis/Jason Chan

Today's Cosplay of the Day is based on a piece of concept art for Dragon Age: Origins, the role-playing game from BioWare that featured a dark fantasy world and customizable characters. Say hello to the Elven Mage, in the flesh!

Mages are seen as a sort of necessary evil that should be kept under lock and key, which is why the Circle Tower exists to house and train mages, guarded by the Templars. It's bad enough that mages don't have the same rights as everyone else, but that goes double for elves, who are treated as second-class citizens in Ferelden. So considering all of these facts, imagine how tough it would be for a female elven mage!

But instead of being bitter and bordering on violently resentful, Australian cosplayer Hayley Elise plays her mage as a more demure character with a lot of inner strength. But even with her softer demeanor, she's still got the arcane arts and pretty sharp dagger at her disposal should things get hairy. Hayley's got the design of the whole outfit accurately portrayed, even down to the designs on the leather. This is a great example of art coming to life.

Take a look at the other work on Hayley's deviantART, which includes some amazing outfits for a younger Samus Aran!

Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
Kris Ezergailis
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