We're sorry, words seem to have failed us after laying our eyes on this amazing display of cosplaying prowess and Photoshop skills. Here we have the lovely Linda Le, who also goes by Vampy, as Morrigan Aensland, the voluptuous succubus from the Darkstalkers series and various Capcom crossover fighting games.

And honestly, words can do no justice to this fantastic set of pictures. While it's a really cool bonus to see Vampy bust out one of Morrigan's Soul Fist projectile attacks, she can stand on the merits of the costume alone. We'd like to know what kind of devilry keeps those wings in place, but it definitely helps the costume come to life. And it doesn't hurt that Vampy's as lovely as the succubus she's portraying. In fact, we can already feel ourselves being put under her spell.

If you'd like to be under her thrall as well, check out her Facebook and deviantART pages to see what other magical outfits she wears.