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Me-yow! Today's featured cosplay stars one of gaming's most beloved catgirls, Felicia!

She's many years old but doesn't quite look it, thanks to the magic of being a catgirl. Felicia's one of the biggest stars in Darkstalkers, gaining popularity throughout the years because of her fighting prowess and her exceptionally large -- hair. It's been said that Felicia wants to break out as a singer, but we guess there's not a huge market for catgirls on stage, no matter what Japan would have us believe.

Here's Yaya Han as Felicia, rocking everything from the ears to the clawed toes and fingers. We're not sure what kind of magical adhesive is keeping the suit in place, but color us impressed. Yaya's one of the more famous cosplayers out there and has quite a catalog of cosplays under her belt -- or many belts, we guess.

Drop by her deviantART page or even her official website to see more of her outfits! You might find yourself tempted to order a poster or two while you're at it!

Benny Lee
Benny Lee
Yaya Han
Benny Lee
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