Might and Delight, the developer behind indie retro platformer Pid, has announced the next game it is working on. It’s called Shelter, and it’s meant to be an, “original emotional experience,” that puts you in control of a mother of a litter of cubs.

Your goal? Survive along with your offspring. The game goes out of its way to make you feel vulnerable, weak, and lost in a completely unforgiving world. The studio is attempting to separate their game from notions of good or evil. There are no random encounters, boss fights, or even plot arcs in the game. It’s all about surviving in a world that has no real bias for or against you.

Might and Delight have released a brand new announcement trailer for the game, which unfortunately doesn’t show off much gameplay, but does give you a look at the somewhat cartoony, almost patchwork world that they are trying to build. For more information about the game, check out its official Steam Greenlight page.