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We're definitely hearing the Siren's song today, and it's beckoning us to make Lilith, of Borderlands fame, the featured cosplay!

And here she is being cosplayed by Vera-Chimera, otherwise known as Yasemin Arslan from Australia. If there's a better version of the beloved Phasewalking Vaulthunter, then we haven't seen it. While some people might argue that her outfit isn't completely accurate because of the materials used, we don't care because the work that was put into the pink strands in her red hair is the highlight of the cosplay. That probably wasn't that bad of a pun, but please don't hurt us if it is.

The asymmetrical haircut is a signature of the character, as are the blue tattoos that wind their way up her torso and left arm. Yasemin has them all and even has some contacts that replicate the piercing stare of Lilith's uniquely-colored eyes. The only way we could love this cosplay even more is if we actually saw some shots of Yasemin Phasewalking around this desert. But then again, what's the point of Phasewalking if we'd be able to see it.

But you know what you can see? The rest of Yasemin's work on her Facebook and deviantART pages, of course! Click on the links and show this cosplayer the best loot of all: fan adoration!

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