A new Kinect-based sports game will featured state-of-the-art motion capturing due to the Xbox One's new camera sensor.

The Xbox Wire has announced that Kinect Sports Rivals will be an Xbox One exclusive. Sports Rivals will bring target shooting, soccer, tennis, bowling, jet-ski racing and climbing to life with the new Kinect. Given the functionality of this Kinect compared to the previous version for the Xbox 360, we hope that this title sets the standard high for Kinect games to come.

Subtle movements and timing are going to be fully captured and tracked by the new Kinect in Sports Rivals. Also, the Kinect will seamlessly take a picture of you and do a stylized rendition of your portrait on screen to help promote a sense of individuality while playing.

The "Rivals" part of Kinect Sports Rivals will factor into its team-based gameplay. The team that you choose will determine your outfit, personality and style of play. Also, rival teams will seek to go that extra mile into beating each other when compared to non-rival teams, so expect higher difficulties when playing your rival teams. Hopefully this will mean that the quality of the average Kinect game is going to be a lot higher. Kinect-based titles have unfortunately had a jaded history with fans, but Kinect Spots Rivals could be the title that can raise the bar for its brethren.

Be on the lookout for Kinect Sports Rivals when it motion caps itself onto store shelves April 8 for the Xbox One.