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Kevin Walker/Atlus

Katherine McBride, from the puzzle-platforming game, Catherine, might be an overlooked character because of her bubbly, seductive counterpart with curly pigtails. But you know what? Katherine deserves her chance in the spotlight, so here she is as today's Cosplay of the Day.

Katherine McBride is main character Vincent's girlfriend in Catherine. Even though she cares about him, she's fed up with his spaciness and the fact that he's seemingly going nowhere fast. Add his infidelity to the mix and you have one dysfunctional couple that's just waiting to tear apart at the seams. But Katherine is stronger than she looks and is an important character to the story.

This is Kapalaka, an American cosplayers who's wearing Katherine's signature, all-black outfit. Her attire and seemingly stern disposition serves as a contrast to Catherine, who wears a playful white dress and is generally more bubbly. While she may not be as young as Catherine and doesn't offer the same kind of airiness, her sexy glasses and no-frills attitude are definitely attractive.

See more of this cosplayer on her deviantART and let us know how much you like her!

Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker

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