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Happy Tuesday, all of you Arcade Sushi readers! And welcome to today's installment of Cosplay of the Day. And who should appear but the vixen from everyone's dreams (or nightmares), Catherine!

Here we have Chilean cosplayer Katta Ramos, also known as Umi Kani, dressed up as the titular character from Atlus' puzzle-platforming horror game, Catherine. If you've ever played the game, then you know that Catherine is always in some kind of state of undress when she's not wearing her white outfit with the box. It's good that Ramos decided to show off two of Catherine's looks instead of truly embodying the character's free-wheeling attitude when it comes to clothing. That way, we can feature her here without getting a bunch of angry letters from concerned parents.

And as you can see from the pictures, Ramos is dressed in Catherine's civvies and skivvies. The white, lacy number is for nights out at The Stray Sheep bar and then she rocks Vincent's 8-bit Heart shirt for those nights spent exploring the great indoors. She looks fetching in either outfit, sure, but we're most impressed by the detail in Catherine's hair. We're not quite sure if that's a wig or the product of a lot of hair gel, but she's got Catherine's swirly pigtails nailed. Very cool.

If you'd like to check out more of her cosplay work, a lot of which includes video game and anime greats, then visit her Facebook or deviantART. Just don't be surprised if she traipses into your dreams afterwards.

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