Kunoichi are deadly female ninjas who strike quickly and take down their opponents faster than they can blink.

And today's Cosplay of the Day features one such kunoichi, named Kasumi, from the Dead or Alive fighting game series. You know what? Her looks are striking enough to take down anyone who takes a peek at her! One might think that such revealing, flowy clothing wouldn't be practical in a combat situation, but you should see the way she can disarm an opponent with just a wink and a smile.

This outfit's worn by Sofi, a Ukranian cosplayer, whose repertoire includes everything from anime to video games. The pictures are shot by the beach, which makes us wish we could see a set with Sofi and a bunch of other cosplayers as the Dead or Alive crew in their Xtreme Beach Volleyball costumes.

Come see more of Sofi's outfits on her deviantART and be sure to show her some love, because that water looks like it'd be super cold. You just have to appreciate how far some folks will go in the name of art!