It's an all Telltale day here at Arcade Sushi. They have a bunch of their games on sale in the App Store for the holidays, so we are going to start you off with the first episodes of four great series. Keep in mind that these price drops will only be around through the holidays. So grab these titles now before the new year!

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    Monkey Island Tales 1 HD

    Telltale Inc

    From now until the new year, stock up on Telltale's iOS games for just one buck each. Here to start you off is one of the best adventure games series ever - Monkey Island! With Monkey Island Tales, you get to head back to the high seas of hilarity with all your favorite characters. Don't delay, Guybrush Threepwood is waiting for your help!

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    Jurassic Park: The Game 1 HD

    Telltale Inc

    Jump back into the movie with Jurassic Park: The Game! In the game, you get to expand on moments from the movie, with new details fitting in to the existing story. And Jurassic Park is as good as it gets. What's that now? You want to only pay a dollar for the first episode? Ah, ah, ah ... you didn't say the magic word. Just kidding, everything is on sale!

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    Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space Ep 1

    Telltale Inc

    As you may know, Sam & Max are Freelance Police. It's a hard lifestyle to lead, but they manage to make it work with help from good-hearted gamers everywhere. So toss them a few bucks and grab a couple of episodes of Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space. Everyone's favorite insane Rabbit and easy-going Dog team will need all the help they can get going up against their new foe -- Santa Claus!

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    Back to the Future Ep 1 HD

    Telltale Inc

    Great scott! You get to play as Marty McFly in this tribute to what is perhaps the greatest film trilogy of all time. Okay, that last statement is pretty debatable. But man! We are talking about Back to the Future here. How could you not want to get all five of these episodes for only a buck each? The right answer to that question is that there is no way you could not want to. It doesn't take a Doc Brown to figure that one out.